Thank you, Die Linke!

Dear members of Die Linke, even if you haven’t succeeded, we thank you for being the voice of reason and sanity.

This huge «loan», paid by the money of the German people won’t reach the empty, hole-riddled pockets of the Greek people. They will just be stuck with the tab, while the favorite crooks and thieves of the mediating political classes will siphon most of it to the multinational sociopathic bankster elites, keeping a few choice cuts for them and their favorites. In fact, these choice cuts and scraps will be used to fatten the worst parasites feeding on the greek people: building subcontractors (aligned with the traditional right wing), work subcontractors a.k.a. slavers with good P.R. (aligned with the political center and social democrats) and NGO pimps (aligned with the so called «modernizing» or «reasonable» «left and the deep-state-aligned Greek church). All these leeches rejoiced by learning about the positive vote at your parliament, while at the same time calling all greek workers and employees to suck it and accept less-than-subsistence-level pay and 16-hour work days in exchange for vague, unsupported promises of lower prices and the hot air of a green life, full of green horses («green horses», BTW, is a greek slang expression for ridiculous impossibilities).

This loan will not help the greek people in the least. It will feed the leeches that suck Greece dry and make them strong. Thank you for trying to starve them and weaken them. Please, don’t stop the fight, try to starve the parasites in order to hepl Greece get rid of them.

Thank you again!

P.S.: Thank you for taking our side. But, please, remember this: it’s also the German people they’re after. Take care!




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