Blundering Toward Mass Psychopathy

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I don’t like authoritarians.  I think they’re unwell.  I also think that the outcomes, for most people, of a predominantly authoritarian society are extremely poor.  So, it was with despair and alarm that I read the analysis contained in this link:

The article, which I believe is, in fact, the introduction abstracted from a whole book on the matter, makes its points with such accuracy, lucidity, truth and honesty, that I found it excessively difficult to read on.

The article’s thesis is that we are being deluged by lawmakers and corporations that are leading us toward an undemocratic, authoritarian life.  We increasingly, as a society, prey upon the weak and the vulnerable.  We blame the victims.  We consign whole sectors of society to disposability, based on their ethnicity, immigration status, skin colour, age or economic misfortune.  There are some elites calling the shots, who have bought and paid for…

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  1. I am also amazed with this article, and I will also repost it !


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