Stop the destruction of the Mediterranean shoreline


Beach-Lefkada-Greece-Wallpaper by Ares Kalandides

The Greek government has prepared a disastrous bill which will presented before the Greek Parliament within the next few weeks. Here are the main points summed up by Aliki Chapple ( :

1. All restrictions on the space that can be used for such temporary infrastructure as umbrellas, sun-loungers and refreshment stands on the seafront has been removed. Previously, the law mandated 100 metre breaks of open beach between developed areas.

2. All reference to the right of access to the seashore are removed, as are restrictions on exclusive access. Effectively, the shoreline is no longer held in common but can be parcelled up into private fiefdoms. The only reference to public access now states that the terms of use must ensure that there is public access while taking the benefit or damage of stakeholders into account (loose translation)

3. The building of permanent structures for private profit is streamlined…

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