Forging Obama to sell Samaras -Η μονταζιέρα της ΝΔ παραποιεί τον Obama [+new video]


The most appropriate word here, is not «misrepresenting» or «tampering», which (I think) are far too mild. I used «forging» because it’s an example of a new type of political forgery, with devastating consequences, especially in today’s post-internet societies haunted by Information Overload, with Urban Legends and other big lies spreading around virally. Such extreme types of political fraud are rare worldwide. It’s worth spreading this remarkable piece of news outside Greece, so I made a new English-speaking video about it:


Finally, here is the Press-project‘s original article about it:

Misrepresenting Obama, to sell Samaras

Political TV ads, by their very nature, present a slanted view of reality. But in its latest campaign ad, New Democracy has taken massaging the facts to another level…

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